GSA Service Company is a Manufacturer's Representative firm
supporting US Government and Military Agencies
with the following premier product lines:

PACE Solder, Desolder & Repair Systems Pro-Line Workstations & Workbenches Vision Engineering Stereo Microscopes
ChemFree Bioremediating Parts Washers Air-Vac PCBRM15 Multi-Lead Desoldering Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray Inspection
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PACE Incorporated (also known as "PACE Worldwide") revolutionized electronics repair in the 60's by creating the 1st self-contained continuous vacuum desoldering system. PACE has remained the undisputed leader in advanced soldering, desoldering, rework/repair, and solder fume extraction systems, which are legendary for their reliability, long-life and supportability. Most equipment (including famous MBT 250, PRC 2000 and new MBT 350 series), spares and replacement parts are readily available through National Stock Numbers (click HERE for NSN's) or via GSA Schedule/Contract.   Click HERE for more details on PACE's new SX-90 No-Clog Solder Extractor. Or click HERE for PACE Military Electronics Repair Systems.

Vision Engineering is a leading-edge manufacturer of ergonomically optimized stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. Systems include the revolutionary Mantis Stereo Microscope/Viewer and Lynx Stereo Zoom Microscope, both with 'eyepieceless' technology for fatigue-free viewing.  Patented 'Expanded-Pupil' technology provides Mantis and Lynx with an ergonomic advantage over conventional eyepiece microscopes, minimizing eye fatigue and allowing the operator greater freedom of head movement. Available via GSA Schedule/Contract. Click HERE or on image for more on Vision Engineering Stereo Microscopes.

Pro-Line offers the widest variety of ergonomic and ESD-safe workstations, workbenches, and benching accessories to government and military agencies.  Available via GSA Contract, all workstations offer the stability and durability for tough jobs, yet incorporate the esthetics and ergonomic features often missing from government workplaces. Click HERE or on the image for more details on Pro-Line Workstations and Workbenches

ChemFrees SmartWasher is a bioremediating parts washing system that is both cost-effective & environmentally safe, combining a powerful, aqueous-based cleaning solution with non-pathogenic microbes which eat away at even the toughest contaminants, leaving no hazardous by-products. SmartWasher Parts Washers are currently used in all branches of the US Military and have generated National Stock Numbers (NSN's) for major systems and accessories. Also Available via GSA Schedule. Click HERE or on image for more on ChemFree SmartWashers

Can you imagine safe multi-pin connector desoldering and selective soldering in 5 seconds, regardless of the number of leads? Then the PCBRM15 Printed Circuit Board Reflow Module is for you! Air-Vac Engineering is the manufacturer of the PCBRM15 for soldering, desoldering and rework of the most challenging multi-leaded through-hole components, including high pin-count connectors and PGAs. Using a high thermal capacity solder pot at low temperature (500F), all leads are uniformly heated, even on massive heat sinking multilayer boards! Click HERE or on image for more on Air-Vac's PCBRM15 Reflow Module

Glenbrook Technologies was founded in 1983 to answer the needs of the electronics industry for real-time x-ray inspection systems designed specifically to inspect printed circuit boards, components and assemblies. Today, Glenbrook X-Ray Inspection Systems are used at industry, Government and Military facilities worldwide, with over 1500 installations. Click HERE or on the image for more details on Glenbrook X-Ray Inspection Systems

Crystal Mark Inc is the leading manufacturer of ESD-safe conformal coating removal workstations and systems. For decades, Crystal Mark has specialized in micro abrasive blast systems that will safely and selectively remove conformal coatings from printed circuit boards, without causing mechanical or ESD damage. Crystal Mark systems easily remove epoxy, urethane, silicone & acrylic ...even parylene conformal coatings. Click HERE or on image for more details on Crystal Mark Conformal Coating Removal Systems.

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