Air-Vac PCBRM15 Printed Circuit Board Reflow Module
for Safe & Fast Connector Desoldering and Soldering

Represented by GSA Service Co

Removes high pin-count connectors in about 5 seconds!

Can you imagine safe multi-pin connector desoldering in only 5 seconds, regardless of the number of leads? Then Air-Vac's PCBRM15 Printed Circuit Board Reflow Module is for you! The PCBRM15 is for soldering, desoldering and rework of the most challenging multi-leaded through-hole components, including high pin-count mil-connectors and PGAs (pin grid arrays). Using a high thermal capacity solder pot allows an operating temperature of 500F, much lower than the 700-900F temperatures seen with typical single point vacuum desoldering stations or hot air systems. All leads are uniformly heated at safe, low temperatures, resulting in fast removal, even on massive heat sinking multilayer boards! Risk of pad delamination caused by mechanical stress is eliminated, since the only contact is with the low temp molten solder itself.

  • Removes most connectors, regardless of lead count, in 5 seconds!
  • Exceptional for high pin-count through-hole mil-connectors on massive, heat-sinked multilayer boards
  • Desolders and solders at low, safe temperatures (500F)
  • Low risk of pad delamination
  • Excellent with flex-print and other heat sensitive substrates
  • Handles large circuit cards, up to 22"X24"


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PCBRM15 Overview - A Simple Controlled Operation

The Air-Vac PCBRM15 allows for
precision board to wave contact
  • Components are accurately located over a Flow Well with a wave of solder whose shape matches the lead pattern

  • Solder flows for seconds against the bottom of the board, transmitting heat to the leads

  • When joints are molten, the component is removed

  • Holes are cleaned with low pressure air and the new component is inserted and re-soldered

Advantages, Features and Benefits

  • For lead-free or conventional desoldering, soldering and rework of through-hole components
  • Minimal possibility of board, pad or circuit delamination

  • Precision control for the most thermally challenging printed circuit cards, including heat sinking multilayered boards, ceramic pin grid arrays and multi-pin mil-connectors

  • Fast and uniform heating at low 500F temperatures, quick component removal and soldering

  • Minimal copper dissolution in PCB barrels

  • Simple design, trouble-free operation, high reliability

  • Cast iron solder pot and titanium/cast iron impeller solder pump are designed to withstand aggressive, corrosive, lead-free solder

  • Minimal dross accumulation and level solder wave

  • Precise Solder Wave Contact - Cycle duration automatically sets time solder contacts board

  • Solder Wave Flow Rate - allows level wave for any flow well shape or size. Three (3) stage settings for enhanced process control

  • Microprocessor provides closed-loop control of set temperature

  • System can be set up to 615F (325C)

  • X, Y, Z Board Carrier - Cantilever rails, linear bearings and rigid cast framework provides large board holding, precision rail movement and continuous usage

Solder is directed away
from adjacent components

Precision X, Y, Z Board Carrier is designed for
continuous, Depot level usage

Flow Wells can be designed to handle
multi-component Desoldering

Application Specific Flow Wells for Lead-Free and Standard Tin-Lead Solder

Flow Wells match component
lead pattern, determine the size,
shape and direction of the solder flow

  • Solder Flow directed away from adjacent components
  • High pin-count leads heated simultaneously for fast and safe desoldering or soldering
  • External heaters maintain uniform heat on large Wells
  • Flow Wells for Tin-Lead solder and commercial pure Titanium Flow Wells (required for Lead-Free solder) available

Custom designed Flow Wells are an Air-Vac specialty - Contact GSA Service Co about custom designed Flow Wells for your application

Optional Air Cleaning Hood System

The Air Cleaning Hood is used to position the component over the flow well. The Overarm Assembly descends perpendicular to the PCB and retracts after alignment. As part of the Hole Cleaning System, the hood directs low-pressure air against the lead pattern, forcing molten solder to drop from the holes into the empty flow well.

New  PCBRM System 5.2

Air-Vac's PCBRM System 5.2 has all of the features and benefits of the PCBRM15 Module with the addition of a two zone 18" x 24" preheater (6500 watts) and a non-contact temperature sensor. Systems incorporating preheat provide:
  • Reduced time and temperature requirements for heat absorbing assemblies or higher temperature heat alloys (lead-free)
  • Minimal thermal shock, localized PCB warpage and no component overheating
  • Flux activation prior to soldering
  • Ability to rework extremely thick board assemblies

Air-Vac PCBRM15 Printed Circuit Board Reflow Module Specifications

Physical Specifications

Physical Dimensions:
Total Weight:
Solder Capacity:
Maximum Board Size of X/Y Carrier:
Compressed Air (optional):

Solder Pump Designed for Lead-Free Solder:

Internal Electronics:


32"W x 32"D x 26"H
90 lbs (without solder), 125 lbs (with solder)
35 lbs
208/220VAC, 13 Amps, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
22" x 24"
60-80 psi shop-air, clean, moisture-free
Cast Iron Solder Pot and Titanium/Cast Iron Impeller Pump designed
to withstand aggressive, lead-free solders
Meets MIL-STD-2000/J-STD-001 soldering specifications
1 Year

Temperature Specifications

Temperature Control:
Maximum Temperature:


Microprocessor provides Closed-Loop control of set temperature
Accurate to within 1% of full scale
System can be set up to 615F (325C)

X, Y, Z Board Carrier Alignment System Specifications

Cantileveled Rails:
Linear Bearings
Rigid Cast Framework:


For boards up to 22" x 24"
For precision rail movement
For quick board placement to solder wave
Provides for large board handling and continuous usage

Safety Specifications

Thermal Protection System:

Emergency Power Off Switch:
Panel Controls:


Independent controller and thermocouple automatically shuts down
system if temperature exceeds preset limit
Allows for immediate shut off
All 24 VAC

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