X-Ray Inspection Systems for BGAs,
Flip-Chips, ICs and Multi-Layer Boards 
from Glenbrook Technologies

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With over 1,500 installations, Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray Inspection Systems are used by Government, Military and Industry technicians, worldwide. Glenbrook has developed the MXRA real-time x-ray imaging camera with resolution and sensitivity unmatched in the world today. The MXRA camera performs, in effect, as an x-ray microscope. It’s development resulting from the combined, in-depth knowledge of x-ray phosphors and night vision technologies. The camera’s electro-optical control can be directed to variably magnify x-ray detail up to 40 times on a video monitor. What does this mean to the user? Most importantly it means that Glenbrook systems can magnify details up to 40 times without having to move the object towards the x-ray source, a common method of magnification referred to as “geometric magnification”. Geometric magnification requires costly micro-focus x-ray tubes while MXRA magnification technology does not. This unique capability results in a high resolution x-ray inspection system that is more compact and lower in cost.

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JewelBox 70T and 90T  X-Ray Inspection Systems
Real-Time, Precision X-Ray Imaging for BGAs, Flip Chips, CSPs, ICs, PWB's and more!

Glenbrook Technologies JewelBox Series of Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Systems generates the sharpest images attainable of solder joints and bonds in advanced technology packages such as BGAs, μBGAs, flip-chips, ICs and other advanced components that cannot be verified by visual inspection. The broad energy sensitivity range of patented Glenbrook MXRA X-ray Camera permits x-ray imaging of both high-density and low-density devices. For laboratory and failure analysis applications, JewelBox systems deliver superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity. In a Depot Maintenance Shop, JewelBox systems support fast, precise inspection of components and assemblies. The JewelBox Series is approximately half the size and half the price of systems with comparable performance! Advanced features include:

  • High Resolution at Lowest Cost: Produces images comparable to much larger, more expensive systems at significantly lower initial and lifetime cost
  • Exceptional Magnification: Geometric magnification to 500x, electronic magnification to 2000x
  • Motorized Joystick Manipulator: Five-axis manipulation, allowing full 360° rotation (meets IPC7095) & 45° tilt
  • Transparent Front Enclosure: for enhanced viewing
  • GTI-5000 Image Processor: Powerful software delivers accurate measurement/analysis for inspection of BGA's and pwb's (click HERE for more details on GTI-5000)
  • MXRA Real-Time X-Ray Imaging Camera: Glenbrook's patented, award-winning x-ray camera technology delivers unparalleled image quality at an affordable cost
  • Portable/Compact: Incorporates rolling cart for easy movement to anywhere needed - fits through any standard doorframe, perfect for lean environments with limited space

Download JewelBox Brochure (pdf)

Sample Images as Viewed on the JewelBox

Insufficient reflow viewed at 45° at high magnification

A crack in a 1 mil wire

Insufficient reflow noted by variation in ball shape

1 mil wire bonds, solder balls and vias at high
magnification with rotation and tilt

Opens on a micro BGA - revealed by high
 magnification and rotational capabilities

Image of micro BGA, rotated, shows wire
sweeps and solder ball shape
Glenbrook Technologies User-Friendly, Intuitive Design

Note the non-complex, intuitive, non-intimidating design incorporated into the JewelBox Control Panel
Glenbrook JewelBox 70T/90T Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:
Anode Voltage:

Anode Current:
Focal Spot Size:

Focal Spot-Image Plane Distance:

Nominal Exterior Dimensions:

Inspection Compartment Dimensions:

Front Enclosure:
Rotation/Tilt Capability:
Image Processing:
Computer Hardware Provided:


120 VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz
70T: 80kV (adjustable)
90T: 90kV (adjustable)
100 microamps (adjustable)
70T: 10 micron
90T: 5-7 micron
70T: 13 7/16" (factory preset)
90T: 9-12" (factory preset)
100 line pairs/mm
70T: 35 1/8"W x 43 1/8"D x 64 1/4"H
90T: 35 1/8"W x 43 1/8"D x 74"H
Incorporates rolling cart, fits through any standard doorframe
70T: 28 1/2"W x 30" D x 23 3/4"H
90T: 30"W x 31"D x 26"H (customizable up to 36"x36" on request)
Transparent front enclosure door for enhanced viewing
Motorized, five-axis joystick positioner
Full 360° rotation (meets IPC-7095) and 45° tilt
GTI-5000 Image Processing Workstation pre-loaded on PC
PC, Flat Screen Monitor & Printer; rolling computer cart
Made in USA

RTX Series of Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Systems
Innovative, Upgradeable and Affordable X-Ray Imaging from Glenbrook Technologies!

Glenbrook Technologies RTX Series of modular, real-time systems includes models designed to meet a variety of requirements. A well-defined path allows for easy upgrading through years of use. Numerous options make it easy to customize any RTX model to your specific application. All hardware and software elements are fully compatible, to ensure the continued value of your equipment.

Click above image to download RTX  Brochure
  • RTX-113HV: High performance, yet affordable, real-time X-Ray Inspection System for all types of advanced BGA packages (including BGAs with dense metal heat sinks), higher density multilayer modules and lead-free assemblies
  • RTX-113: Low cost, expandable system designed for rapid, reliable inspection of multilayer, assembled printed circuit boards and BGAs
  • RTX-Mini: Inexpensive, compact, truly portable X-ray inspection system
RTX-113HV High Performance Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System
Glenbrook delivers high performance at an affordable cost!

RTX-113HV, shown with optional Image Processor and PC

The RTX-113HV X-ray inspection system is designed for inspection of multi-layer, assembled printed circuit boards with dense metal BGAs, and for lead free inspection requirements. The Glenbrook system meets all your needs for inspecting BGA packages, including BGAs that contain dense metal heat sinks and stainless steel tops that require a higher voltage X-ray source to clearly identify and troubleshoot production faults. The cabinet design permits easy integration into even the busiest Depot/Lab environments, and is totally upgradeable with the options listed below.

  • 50"H x 60"W x 33"D
  • Operating Voltage: 120v/220v, 50-60hz
  • Contrast Resolution: Resolves .001 gold wire
  • Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mm (with MicroTech option, up to 100 lp/mm)
  • Anode Voltage: 80kV
  • Anode Current: 150 microamps (internal adjustment)
  • Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance: 4-6"
  • XRTV Zoom Camera (4X-50X magnification)
RTX-113 X-Ray Inspection System
For Rapid Inspection of Multilayer and Assembled Printed Circuit Boards

The Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113 is a low-cost X-Ray Inspection System designed for heavy production, Depot maintenance or Lab environments where X-ray is required to inspect PCBs and assembled multilayer PCBs containing such advanced components as BGAs, uBGAs and Flip Chips. The system is very versatile and features Glenbrook's patented, award-winning X-ray camera technology that generates high-resolution, high-sensitivity images, revealing defects as small as 0.001 inch with a full one inch diameter field of view. The RTX-113 provides affordable real-time X-ray imaging, reliable operation, easy servicing and is totally upgradeable. The unit is extremely compact and is perfect for lean environments where space is at a premium.

Glenbrook's RTX-113 is upgradeable
with many options

  • 42"H x 42"W x 24"D
  • Operating Voltage: 120v/220v, 50-60hz
  • Contrast Resolution: Resolves .001 gold wire
  • Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mm (upgradeable to 100 lp/mm)
  • Anode Voltage: 35-52kV
  • Anode Current: 20-50 microamps (internal adjustment)
  • Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance: 4-6"
RTX-Mini Compact/Portable X-Ray Inspection System
Truly Portable, light enough to be Hand-Carried!

Glenbrook's RTX-Mini is a compact, truly portable X-ray inspection system, designed for rapid, reliable inspection of both multi-layer and assembled printed circuit boards.  The RTX-Mini is the only real-time X-ray system light enough to be hand-carried or shipped via overnight delivery. The smallest unit of it's type on the market, it can be used in a maintenance shop, laboratory, office or production environment. The unit utilizes Glenbrook's patented, award-winning, high sensitivity camera technology to achieve high resolution X-ray images. The Mini is extremely affordable, reliable and extremely easy to operate. It's totally safe, yet open architecture facilitates customizing for a number of special applications. A variety of options can be added to the RTX-Mini to meet many of your specific application needs.

It's Truly Portable!
Hand-carry  the RTX-Mini
anywhere you need
X-Ray Inspection!

It's Shippable! The RTX-Mini is
 the only Real-Time X-Ray System
that meets most overnight
delivery requirements

  • 17"H x 5.5"W x 19.5"D
  • Operating Voltage: 120v/220v, 50-60hz
  • Contrast Resolution: Resolves .001 gold wire
  • Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mm
  • Anode Voltage: 40kV
  • Anode Current: 40 microamps (internal adjustment)
  • Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance: 4-6"


Image Processors and other Options
GTI-5000 Computer Image Processor for BGA, Surface Mount, Multi-Layer Board & PCB Analysis

The GTI-5000 Computer Image Processor is designed for the x-ray analysis of surface mount, BGA and PCB components. The software can provide analysis of BGA defects including bridging, voids and missing balls. In addition it can measure drill offset, wire sweep and linear distances. Images can be stored and transmitted as jpg files. Additional features include: frame averaging (for image clarity), manual and automatic contrast adjustment, edge sharpening, colorization and three dimensional syntheses. The GTI-5000 package includes CPU, Frame Grabber, Software and Color Monitor.

3D rendering using GTI-5000 Image Processor for BGA solder void identification

Download GTI-5000 Brochure (pdf)

  • Sharpens live images continuously to increase resolution
  • Reduces noise by real-time frame averaging up to 256 frames
  • Produces ultra-high contrast
  • Reveals image details with filters, zoom and contour relief
  • Subtracts live images to detect small differences
  • Creates and saves user-specified image files
  • Annotates with labels, headers, arrows, time/date stamps
  • Saves up to 10 preset calibrations
  • Reads image intensities of pixels, histograms, line profiles
  • Easy-to-learn operations with on-screen help
  • Saves images to hard drive with a single click
  • Prints entire screen or image with color graphics
  • Saves measurement data directly to Excel
  • Sends e-mail with the displayed image attached
  • 3-D image rendering ... and more
GTI-3000 Computer Image Processor for PCB Analysis

The GTI-3000 Computer Image Processor is designed for x-ray inspection of the multi-layer PC Boards. This software permits X-Y offset measurements of drilled holes and pads as well as linear distances and hole diameters. Images can be stored and transmitted as jpg files. Additional features include: frame averaging (for image clarity), manual and automatic contrast adjustment. The GTI-3000 package includes: CPU, Frame Grabber, Software and Color Monitor.

GTI-1000 Computer Image Processor for Versatile Applications

The GTI-1000 is a versatile Computer Image Processor for providing image clarity through frame averaging, image save, linear measurement and contrast adjustment. The GTI-1000 package includes CPU, Frame Grabber, Software and Color Monitor.

Download GTI-1000 Brochure (pdf)

Variable Angle Viewing (VAV) Option for RTX Series X-Ray Inspection Systems

Certain process defects, such as non-wetting and non-contact in solder joints on the underside of BGA components, have proven difficult to observe using straight-on X-ray images. Glenbrook resolves the difficulty, with Variable Angle Viewing (VAV). Instead of using a cumbersome mechanism in an oversized cabinet to rotate a BGA assembly for oblique viewing, Glenbrook’s creative engineers asked: why not rotate the X-ray source, instead of the assembly? VAV rotates the X-ray source on its axis for oblique viewing. VAV allows you to inspect for the full range of hidden BGA defects — missing or misregistered solder spheres, opens, misalignments, gross solder voids and non-wetting or non-contact. And Variable Angle Viewing fits neatly within the compact enclosures of Glenbrook’s RTX Series real-time X-ray inspection systems, as well as comfortably in your budget.

Download VAV Brochure (pdf)

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JewelBox Series Brochure
includes 70T and 90T

RTX Series Brochure includes RTX-Mini, RTX-113 and RTX-113HV Systems

GTI-5000 Image Processor
Data Sheet

GTI-1000 Image Processor
Data Sheet

Company Focus on Glenbrook Technologies from Global SMT May 07

Variable Angle Viewing (VAV) Ad

Article on BGA Defect Identification
 by Glenbrook's Gil Zweig

PowerPoint entitled ''Basic Principles
of X-Ray Inspection for BGA's''

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